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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

Sales are about helping people make a decision that's best for them, be it a yes or no, you have to help them make a decision either way. And when you believe in your product or service, you'll stand behind it and you'll sell with integrity.


In this new episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, I've shared my 6 sales secrets which helped me skyrocket my business. Selling is an innate skill to certain people, but it can be simply learned.


So, if you want to increase your income, you've got to know how to sell because without successful sales, your business will not produce any revenue.


Here are my 6 sales secrets that can take you to the success you desire.


Six Sales Secrets

1️⃣ Build the rapport

2️⃣ Find the problem and pain

3️⃣ Present the solution in comparison to the alternative ie: do the math

4️⃣ Sell benefits, not features while building the belief

5️⃣ Ethical scarcity and urgency

6️⃣ Indecision is the enemy


I hope these will help you increase your income and benefit more people with your product or service.


Peace and love!