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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

In this episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, I have here Junaid Kalmadi, the founder & CEO of Farmers Juice.


Junaid is a values-driven serial entrepreneur motivated by love, service, and positive impact. He founded Farmers Juice with a mission to make the highest quality cold-pressed juicing affordable, support the human rights of 2.4 million farmers in the US, and champion the next generation of farming with regenerative agriculture.


Farmers Juice has developed the world’s first keto-friendly and functional green juice line that includes adaptogens, antioxidants, and mushrooms to boost focus, calm, and athletic performance. 


What is so interesting about Farmers Juice is it focuses on local farms and donates some of its proceeds to non-profits such as Kiss The Ground and Farmworker Justice. 


So, in every purchase, you’ll keep yourself healthy and you’re also helping people. 


To check out this awesome episode and watch the value bomb videos go to


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[00:01:02:28] Junaid Kalmadi’s journey to opening Farmers Juice

[00:43:53:06] Get Organic Fresh FARMERS JUICE Shipped To Your Door!

[00:41:03:10] Clarity on Your Success Criteria 

[00:33:48:05] Happy Hustle Hacks (Money, Health, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality)

[00:47:37:02] Rapid-fire questions



What does happy Hustlin’ mean to you? 


Junaid says Happy Hustlin is feeling joy within even if there's a temporary passing pain that you endure the pain, endure the challenges and you heal and resolve what needs to be healed so that's the happiness part and the concentration on joy and the Hustlin part is this inner drive to just be in service and do it from a place of like knowing when you good do service like it comes back. 


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