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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Dec 8, 2020

In this episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast I chat with entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of GTFO on how to help individuals with exceptionalities (and yourself) through awesome adventures!

This is a heart-warming special episode for Giving Tuesday.

GTFO gives 100% of its profit on Giving Tuesday, to inspire purpose in the lives of individuals with exceptionalities through adventure. The opportunities you’re supporting were founded to give these individuals a chance to experience a life-changing journey to adventure. This journey will instill life skills and the self-confidence to live a purposeful life.

To give back and buy a sweet hat visit URL -

Chase Pettey is an entrepreneur and philanthropist that lives the power of giving back and allowing others the opportunity to grow.

In this episode we discuss:
1. GTFO’s mission and purpose
2. The kids we work with and the kids we are taking through the GTFO process.
3. What the GTFO process is
4. How people can be a part of this impact
5. Why did I choose hats at the product to sell & why this line of work?

Support this great cause ya'll!

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Love and light!