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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Mar 6, 2020

In this solo episode I discuss my optimized morning routine that kickstarts my day and how I Happy Hustle my health! Defintely some awesome actionable takeaways that you can apply right away to your routine to help you crush it throughout your day!

Building and implementing a positive routine is essential for success. Find a way to compound your positive daily actions and create a set routine that will assist in achieving your goals. A routine will also help keep you organized and disciplined. 

Let's begin by taking stock on your current routine or lack of. What do you do every day? What are the “good actions” that consistently move you closer to your goals and happiness? What are the “bad actions” that draw you further away? Your daily routine should be focused on what “good actions” give you the most joy while simultaneously getting you closer to conquering your goals. Create a schedule full of these “good actions.

My Morning Routine consists of:

Wake Up- 1st time when alarm rings (5,4,3,2,1 Boom go time!)

  • Chug water
  • Acv, lemon, pink himalayan salt, greens powder, molecular hydrogen tablets (drink: hrw code: biohacks)
  • Goals/ affirmations, stillness, meditation, essential oils
  • Stretch, sungaze, pull ups, trampoline jump
  • Empty stomach supplements
  • Café con leche
  • Journal gratitude
  • Read
  • 45 min creative block (write, brainstorm, prospect,
  • Crush the day!

I break down each of these elements of my routine in the episode and how they can be applied to your routine!

For more info check out

Love and light fam!