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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Nov 10, 2020

In this episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, I chat with US Marine Veteran, Survival Expert & Organic Archer Correy Hawk on how to Happy Hustle life you love.

You may have seen Correy on Season 7 of the hit History show ALONE.

You guys are going to dig Correy's vibe.

About Correy
Correy grew up in a small village in Southeast Nebraska. My siblings and I were raised to hunt, fish, forage for wild foods, and navigate the wilderness. We spent a lot of time outdoors as a family where we were taught to respect and appreciate the land and all the critters that call it home. His father is an accomplished bowhunter and had a bow and arrows in my hands as soon as I could understand their utility.

His early adult years led him away from archery to pursue other interests and he eventually joined the United States Marine Corps. He greatly enjoyed his time with the Corps and served two combat tours in Afghanistan before returning home to Nebraska and becoming almost immediately infatuated with archery.

He built bows obsessively as a hobby for 6 years before making Organic Archery my full-time endeavor in 2018. He is consumed by this craft, and deeply cherish the art of bow making and the mystical flight of the arrow.

His Mission
Correy would like to open a door for people who wish to go afield with a simple, elegant, tried-and-true selfbow that uncovers a deeper connection to our ancient history as hunter-gatherers.

He is a master craftsman and makes some amazing bow and arrows.

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Love and light ya'll!