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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Nov 13, 2020

In this solo episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, we discuss how to be intentional with your attention and stay focused despite the plethora of life's distractions.

Your attention is the most precious commodity you possess.

It is said that humans now have an attention span of less than 8 seconds!

That's crazy. Heck I might have already lost ya in this write up.

Point being, you must be intentional with how you spend your attention if you want to accomplish your goals.

One way to make sure you are intentional with your attention is to invest financially.

Because what you pay for you pay attention.

I want to share with you a passage from one of the sites I ready each day:

"Pay attention, but choose where and in what way you pay that attention. Don’t allow your attention to be stolen from you.

Know your purpose, know your values. Know your truth and your intentions.

The most insidious threats to your well being are not physical. They are mental, psychological, emotional, and they are very real, highly destructive.

Your attention is worth more to you than any amount of money. When you spend it, be sure to get something equally valuable in return.

Pay attention in ways that support and promote and nourish what’s most important to you. Fulfill the maximum potential of your attention by taking complete responsibility for it.

Pay your precious attention in ways that make you a more positive, creative, generous, fulfilled person. Pay attention with firmness and excellence in your intention, and make yourself a great life out of it.
-Ralph Marston"

I highly recommend you start being more intentional with your attention.

Be focused. Be disciplined, Be intentional.

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Love and light ya'll!