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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

In this episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, I sit down with rockstar entrepreneurs, speakers and co-founders of TI Consulting firm Bernd Leitsoni and Timon Hartung to discuss how to Happy Hustle the new age of consulting and digital marketing.

TI Consulting is a new age consulting firm that helps agencies and professionals to successfully market their services and brands in a new age and digital approach.

We discuss in this episode:

-Digital Marketing
-The new Consulting Era
-SEO Optimization
-Mindset & Accountability
-The Journey to success and your environment

Bernd Leitsoni discovered his love of digital marketing at an early age, while he was attending college in the USA as the recipient of a sports scholarship. Always on the lookout for little-known approaches and driven by his deep curiosity about new marketing strategies, Bernd advises national and international companies and corporations. Bernd build one of the biggest Facebook Fanpage in the European Union from Scratch and sold it to the biggest media distributor in Germany. Bernd is a highly esteemed participant and speaker at various masterminds around the world.

For more than 10 years Timon Hartung has actively contributed to the field of Online Marketing and AdTech. He started out in SEO as a technology specialist and gained recognition as a lecturer and as a speaker at international conferences. Timon was able to gain extensive experience both on the corporate side as well as on the entrepreneurial side, in the capacity as founder of a start-up. This comprehensive experience supports him in his current core business as a consultant specializing in online marketing strategies, advising clients at home and abroad.



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