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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

Giving THANKS to you all!

It's also my Birthday Nov. 27 so these are 31 Lessons of Life in 31 Years of Living.

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Now without further ado:

31 Lessons of Life in 31 Years of Living by Cary Jack

1. Balance = Happiness
2. The 10 Alignments is the way to Blissfully Balance Life
3. The Power of Partnerships
4. Focus & Discipline
5. Pandemics can change plans, pivot and evolve
6. Sales are the lifeblood of business
7. Sharpen your sales sword
8. Move to where you’ll be happiest
9. Be present, be grateful
10. Personal development is essential for everyday growth
11. Time is not guaranteed, don’t waste it
12. Nature is the remedy for stress and anxiety, get outside
13. Build your business around the lifestyle you want, not the other way around
14. Passionate Hobbies are where most people miss the boat in life
15. Living from abundance instead of scarcity will ensure there is always enough.
16. Relationships of all kinds require effort in order to be sustained.
17. Service over self is the mindset to true fulfillment.
18. Music, movies, tv, and all forms media can inspire thought, action, emotion, state changes, so be deliberate with what you consume as it has an effect on you.
19. Business is simple, solve problems and add value.
20. Know who your perfect target avatar customer is and speak directly to them
21. If you’re not using a daily calendar, listing out your hour by hour agenda you should be.
22. Build a team of rockstars around you. Automate, delegate, eliminate, outsource
23. Create scalable time leveraging offers.
24. Join a mastermind to expedite your success.
25. If you want to do something, do it. The only one who is stopping you is you.
26. Move your body and sweat everyday.
27. Health is more about what you keep out of your body than what you put in it.
28. Smile even when you don’t feel like it. It will change your mood.
29. Meditate or breathe deeply every day for atleast a couple minutes. Connect to your higher self and ask for guidance.
30. Manifestation is real. Decide what you want and manifest it.
31. Live a life of passion, purpose, and positive impact.

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Love and light ya'll!