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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Nov 6, 2020

In this solo episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, I share a story from my childhood that I usually don't talk too much about. I was dropped on my head as a baby and developed a severe stutter because of it.

This episode is all about overcoming the adversity in your life whatever that may be.

Maybe it's adversity in your business, in your relationship, with your health, maybe all of the above.

We get into how to overcome it.

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I share a personal story from when I was a kid and how my mom and I persevered past serious adversity.

The point is, whatever you are going through right now, persevere. Find something you can do today to help yourself. If you see a positive result from this, do it again. Do it every day. If you are depressed, overweight, in financial hardship or whatever the case is, endure and persevere.

Know that the pain is temporary. That adversity is inevitable. Don’t get down on yourself. Discover one thing today that you can do to get yourself a more desirable result. If you are depressed, wake up early and read an inspiring article. (I wake up and read every morning.) Get yourself into a better state.

If you are overweight, wake up and exercise. Do yoga, cardio, weights, anything to break a sweat (more on this in the following Health Chapter). Start small and be deliberate. Then have a green juice or protein smoothie.
And if you are not where you want to be financially, start by researching individuals who are where you want to be. Success leaves a trace. Find a way to start with one thing. Each dollar you spend is a vote, so spend your money wisely.

Don’t let where you are hold you back. Don’t let your past failures or shortcomings stop you. Find a way to persevere. Don’t allow yourself to suffer. Do one thing now that will bring you towards the light, whatever that is for you. Then do more of it. Be persistent. Be consistent. Do it today.

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Love and light ya'll!