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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Jul 4, 2020

In this episode of the Happy Hustle Podcast, Master Chen and I discuss the purpose of life and how to use the Daoist Qi healing arts to Happy Hustle your mind, body, and spirit!

Wu Dang Chen is a Daoist Priest, martial arts master, teacher, and humanitarian. He grew up training in the Daoist Temples of Wu Dang Mountain and then left with a mission to share Daoist wisdom with the West and to build a temple in the Rocky Mountains, where he now lives.

Wu Dang Chen is the 25th Long Men Sect lineage holder and 14th San Feng Sect lineage holder. He left Wu Dang Mountain with a mission to share healing arts with the public and to find the future carriers of this lineage. He has traveled the world gaining thousands of students and now he will use the Dao Masters platform to continue teaching with the traditional method of oral lecture.

We discuss the purpose of life, Wu Dang Tai Chi, and Learning Daoist Healing Arts Online through his live lectures on

I have trained with Master Chen since I was a boy and he is one of the most powerful wise individuals I know.

For more on Wu Dang Chen and to learn from him through his online trainings go to

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Love and light fam!