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The Happy Hustle Podcast

May 1, 2020

In this solo episode of The Happy Hustle Podcast, I go deep on the Seasons of Life and how you can learn to flow with the Laws of Nature to then Happy Hustle in every season. 


 Just as there is 4 seasons in Nature, we can break our life down in a similar fashion. With each season brings new challenges and objectives. The seasons are marked not only by changing weather patterns, but by the stars, moons, and the sun. The Native Americans knew the seasons of life and migrated their tribes accordingly. Native Americans were one with nature and respected the seasons. 


Many of our personal struggles and pain come from failing to recognize which season we are in. Swim upstream in the season, and be met with resistance and exhaustion. Flow with the current of the season stream and accomplish with ease. But in order to Happy Hustle a life full of Blissful Balance, you must identify what season you are in right now? 


  •   Winter-the season of cold darkness where we reflect, regenerate and rest
  •   Spring- the season of nurturing and budding greatness, a time of incubation and preparation
  •     Summer- the season to plant seeds, build, develop, hustle and grow 
  •     Fall- the season where you reap the benefits of what you sowed in summer


 By clearly identifying which season you are in, you can then release any unnecessary stress or pressure you may place on yourself. If you are in Summer and feel like you have been busting your butt, without much return you can rest assure that Fall is just around the bend. You will be rewarded for your hard work. Your seeds will grow and you will harvest your crop. Don’t rush the process or dare to cheat the laws of nature and life.


 If you are in Winter right now and are feeling a bit more anxiety and depression as to what is your next moves, allow yourself to rest and feel into the season, don’t fight it. Regenerate and know that Spring is near where you will learn, incubate, and prepare to unleash your greatness within. 


These individual seasons can last months or days, it truly depends. Some years Winter may be longer and more harsh, while other years it may feel like a never-ending Summer. If we understand and apply the lessons of each season of nature, they will help us to have balance, peace, and happiness. 


Be deliberate with your actions in each season and know that the only true certainty in life is that change will happen. So, embrace the change my friend and live each season to its fullest!


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Love and light fam!