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The Happy Hustle Podcast

Nov 4, 2020

Oliver Goshey is a regenerative consultant, designer, educator, natural builder for regenerative social and land-based projects.

After studying as a marine engineer and working mostly in blue-collar trades such as commercial shipping, trail building, construction, and farming, across the world, Oliver built a unique and wide perspective implementing projects and managing complex systems as a practitioner on the ground.

After struggling to justify his participation in destructive and extractive industries, he shifted his focus to land stewardship and rebuilding community connections. Ever since then he´s applied his unique experiences from 15 years of travel to helping clients and organizations to design and build natural healthy homes, develop businesses for social equity, and restore resilient native landscapes.

Oliver is primarily motivated to advance access to quality education and sharing essential skills that revolve around planetary regeneration. This pursuit continues to evolve through 4 seasons of promoting innovators and leaders in the regenerative fields through The Abundant Edge podcast, teaching in-person workshops, and more recently, teaching online courses.

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